Events and Camps

Since Subzero robotics was founded in 2014, we have come a long way in terms of interest, in particular, from younger students. During the summer we have participated in a local parade and festival while promoting FIRST® all the while. We have hosted two camps: one during August 2015, and one during November 2015.  We plan on running another camp for future SubZero Robotics team members in the spring as well. These camps have taught us how important it is to be a mentor and role model to others.  The interest and eagerness of students who attend these camps is thrilling and is rewarding.

*Check back soon! More information to follow on our website and Facebook page about our Spring camp in the future.

SubZero Robotics is an FRC registered team. We are 5690 from Esko, Minnesota and participate in the Lake Superior Regional at the DECC in Duluth Minnesota.