Iowa Regional Champions! How We Climbed To The Top!

From March 22nd through the 25th, we attended the Iowa Regional to compete.  We were doing very well throughout the entire competition. We even got to choose an alliance! Together, we topped the other robotic teams holding the title of Iowa Regional Champions, along with getting a spot at Worlds!

The regional was held at Cedar Falls, Iowa.  It was the first time our team had attended a second regional in one season, as well as our first time competing at a regional outside of Minnesota. We arrived with determination to perform even better than our last competition and even more, qualify for the FIRST Championship in St. Louis, Missouri. After nine qualification matches, we were ranked 3rd out of 54 teams. As the third alliance captain we invited The Metal Mustangs from Overland Park, Kansas as well as the PioNerds from St. Paul, MN, to “chill with us” during eliminations. In quarterfinals, we played against the 6th ranked alliance which was led by our friends at Denfeld DNA Robotics.

Fortunately for us, we won the first two matches to move on to the semifinals. Our alliance then faced the 2nd ranked alliance in an unprecedented semifinals. We won the first match, tied the next three, lost the fifth match, and then went on to win the sixth tiebreaker match. Our performance during semifinals was talked about throughout the robotics community for the next week. Our team moved onto the finals, where we faced the first ranked alliance which included another Northland team, the Duluth East Daredevils. While we lost the first match, our drive team pulled it together and won the next two! 

This victory in the finals not only meant that we were the Iowa Regional Champions, but also that we would be attending the Championships in St. Louis, Missouri! We are incredibly proud of our drive team that helped us climb to the top! Our team can all agree we are extremely excited to compete at Worlds!